Small change, huge impact

While waiting for your order at a McDonald’s restaurant, have you ever noticed a small donation box perched next to the cash register? And have you ever wondered where the collections go to and if the amount raised would even make a difference? In fact, every sen in each of these RMHC donation boxes has many poignant stories to tell – having gone a long way in changing lives.

RMHC, which is McDonald’s charity of choice, has helped thousands of children across the world, transforming lives through areas such as education, health and welfare. RMHC relies on public and corporate contributions and donations, to sustain its philanthropic undertakings and charitable agendas. And the unassuming RMHC donation boxes are one of its biggest sources of funds. Globally, the donation boxes have collected over USD50 million (nearly RM200 million) in 2013.

In the last twenty five years, the local chapter of this organization, RMHC Malaysia, has gone from strength to strength in fulfilling its mission of helping Malaysian children in need.

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